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My name is Juliana,from Sao Paulo,Brazil and I am

❖ Fassynator
❖ Hiddlestoner/ member of Loki´s army
❖ Somerholic/ Team Damon
❖ Cumberbabe/Cumberbitch/Cumbercollective/Sherlockian
❖ I am also a fan of movies in general and of these tv series.

❖The Vampire Diaries
❖The Following
❖ Arrow
❖ American Horror History
❖ Game of Thrones
❖ Sherlock
❖ Bates Motel
❖ Hannibal
❖ Sons of Anarchy
❖The Tudors
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Posted: Mon September 26th, 2011 at 3:04pm
Tagged: ACL 2011 Christian Bale
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